Taking a few minutes to read through all of the FAQ's will

make your experience with us much better and your PEMF sessions more relaxing!

What is PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field)?

PEMF systems create a gentle, pulsing magnetic field that energizes unhealthy, or low energy, cells and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. It can provide benefit when applied anywhere, so you will be able to address so much more than back pain. PEMF is a cellular exercise that encourages movement of blood flow within the circulatory system to help the body begin to heal itself. Electromagnetic Pulse will amplify how your body runs on a cellular level. By activating and restoring energy to cells, PEMF sessions are able to reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, increasing cellular flexibility, increasing blood and lymph circulation, and increasing tissue oxygenation. Better circulation allows for faster recovery with less swelling and pain. PEMF sessions are easy, gentle and non-contact. You stay fully clothed and lay on our specialized ergonomic massage table while enjoying the feel of the pulse throughout your whole body, head to toe. We can use special accessories to also focus on particular areas of the body you may want to focus extra attention on during your session. All frequencies used are up to you, we just guide you along the way.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we are. And we encourage you to take advantage of our Introductory Special:

TWO (2) 60-Minute Sessions for ONLY $99, and to complete

Both One-Hour Sessions within 4-7 days, if at all possible, so you

truly experience the individual as well as cumulative affects of PEMF.

What if I've already tried other forms of natural or holistic treatments like

massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic?

Thankfully there are some wonderful ways to help aid the body in healing naturally. And for acute, long lasting or stubborn pain PEMF can be a wonderful type of natural healing that really gets things going in your body on a cellular level. You may be very surprised to see how deeply pulse electromagnetic field resonates within your body and is able to help on an even deeper level than many other forms of natural healing. And PEMF can also help other modalities hold better and longer.

What are the health benefits of PEMF?

Pain reduction • Increased range of motion • Shorter recovery times • Improved immunity • Faster healing of skin wounds • Improve circulation and oxygenation • Decreased inflammation • Reduced swelling • Improved sleep • Increased strength in ligaments • Accelerated nerve regeneration • Strengthens bones • Nerve and muscle stimulation

Can Pulse Pro Health help with back pain in Seattle?

PEMF can help with pain and chronic pain quit quickly for most people. And it's gentle and easy-to-use so you can relax and allow the pulsed electromagnetic field to pulse into your body to help it begin to heal itself.

Can PEMF help with pain after a car accident?

PEMF can help relax the body and re-charge the cells in the body so it can begin to clear blockage and help itself heal. PEMF can combat pain, inflammation and swelling also.


What should I bring with me for my PEMF Session?

All you need is comfortable clothes. You will take your shoes off and remain fully clothed. Wear layers for temperature and comfort.


Is being hydrated important before a PEMF Session?

Arriving to your PEMF Session very well hydrated is extremely important! And so is staying hydrated for a full 24 hours after your Session as well. Pulse electromagnetic field is a cellular exercise and part of helping your cells become more like their strong original selves, it means getting rid of waste material from throughout the body, so hydration helps your body to detox after your Session so you begin to help and gain better well-being.

What is your No-Show, Cancellation or Late Policy? 

You are considered a 'No-Show' if you are 15 minutes late and haven’t reached out by calling our main number at 206.271.6145. If you are late, you will most likely need to give up those late minutes from your session as other clients may have booked a Session immediately after yours. There is no refund for late start sessions due to late arrival.

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to hydrate and begin your Session on time.


A maximum of 1 'No-Show' appointment are allowed. You will then be charged for the full amount

of the missed service and a credit card on file will be required for future scheduling if you have not purchased a package.


Where are you located?

Our office is at 11710 Greenwood Ave North Suite B Seattle, WA 98133. You'll find street parking on Greenwood Ave North or 117th St. Then look for address 11708 and walk down the driveway. There are 3 more units in the back and ours is the Middle Unit with our address of 11710 Unit B, posted next to the door.


Where do I park?

Free street parking right on Greenwood Ave or around the corner on 117th is fine. Just make sure you're not blocking a driveway, fire hydrant or in a handicap spot. Also, do not park in the slots of the apartment building on the corner.


Do you take insurance?

No, insurance is not accepted. We accept all credit cards for sessions, packages and products.


Do you accept HSA payments?

No, we cannot accept HSA payments for your Sessions.

Do you accept CASH for payment?

We prefer Credit/Debit cards for all payment, but can take cash if necessary.


Requirements for Under 18

Permission must be provided from the parent/legal guardian in person prior to the initial appointment with any clients under the age of 18 years old. I will review the consent form with both the parent & minor client in person prior to the start of the first appointment.


How do I book an appointment?

On your website, you’ll see a few links to ‘Book Appointment’ which brings you to our online scheduling portal. Or you can call our office and we can schedule you as well. We do send text/email reminders a day prior to your appointment. If you must cancel, you need to do so at a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment time, otherwise we must charge for your session.


Do you have a cancellation list?

Yes, if there are no appointments available for the day/time that you prefer, please email us

at inquiry@pulseprohealth.com

I will add you to my wait list and contact you if any appointments become available. 


Can I schedule a recurring day/time weekly or monthly to guarantee a regular appointment?

Yes, if your chosen day & time is available, we will do all we can to hold your requested time as a regular standing appointment.